Thursday, November 19, 2009

Qualifying Exams Update

So about two weeks ago I submitted the second draft of my exam petition/proposal to my advisor for approval. Last time I had made the mistake of sending it to the whole committee before getting his approval and with the breach of protocol he chastened me and decided to wait a month before getting it back to me (beginning of September).

I was sitting on it for awhile in order to complete some reading and get a better sense of the aims and interconnections that might bubble up following said reading. A good friend in the program finally pressured me into revising and submitting another draft. So after a night of mixed drinks and much revising I sent in another version.

It appears that the biggest obstacle to approval is actually my advisor who I respect deeply and consider to be brilliant, but can be a little overly pedantic. The suggestions the other committee members made were minimal and rather rational.

As it stands, however, after my proposal is approved by my whole committee I need to wait at least 12 weeks (putting me at february) until I can take them, which is fine with me because I still have a shitload of reading to complete. That said I am feeling less in limbo and more confident about the process overall with some reading done I feel like I have some ground to stand on. Plus even though my advisor can be a little curmudgeonly he likes me and that also works to my advantage. In particular, he likes it when I make fun of him. One of my committee members, however, is pregnant and will be giving birth right before so I suspect that I will either have to find someone else or have her "skype" in.

Whatever the case I am ready for this process to start drawing to a close. I'm starting to feel ready for dissertation stage now.


John Foster Cartwright said...

Oh Skid.
I love when you make me learn things.
pedantic |pəˈdantik|
of or like a pedant : many of the essays are long, dense, and too pedantic to hold great appeal.

Which lead me to..what the / who the fuck is a Pendant. Well:

a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.

Thanks. I'm going to try really hard to use that. Miss the hell out of you kiddo.

SkidMarquez said...

I just used the word "taciturn" the other day. Been waiting on it.

Missing you also JFC.