Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin Supports Brutal Ex-Gay Ministries

Check it out here.

Ex-gay ministries and religious demands that one submit their sexual needs to the behest of their religion have produced immense psychological problems and higher rates of suicide for the gays caught in the cross fire. As in Stuart Mathis who committed suicide in front of his LDS Church in an effort to change hearts of those at his church. Let's also not forget the four times rate of teen suicide amongst queer youth in the United States.

Also, this video looking for the mythical gay republican, does a little shit talk and is a little over done with regards to the "sassy" quotient (forwarded thanks to lil' john).

Personally, I've never understood why anyone who is queer is anything but a full fledged left-wing radical. It seems to me the different type of sociality that emerges from same-sex desire demands a rethinking of the social in general. For more on this check out Leo Bersani.

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John Foster Cartwright said...

Yeah, a little much on the sass level.
Should I read homo's? I should read Homo's. The Library does not have it.