Saturday, December 6, 2008

David Lynch on the iPhone

Although I am secretly in love with and desperately want an iPhone (it is the closest thing to the computer book carried by Inspector Gadget character Penny), I find Lynch's point amusing as well to some extent something I can agree with. The loss of the collective viewing and immersive atmosphere of the theater (even the domestic home theater) seems altogether lost in iDevice watching. The uniqueness of aspect ratio, the intricacies of staging and mise-en-scene are also to some extent compromised to these tiny spectatorship devices.

The above replies seem to affirm the visual/aural compromises implicit in Lynch's criticism, and also attempt to mock him--almost as if they are saying "this too has been repurposed and reduced."


Himself said...

Who the fuck is watching films on their iPhone? I know I'm not. It hasn't even occurred to me to try.

SkidMarquez said...

I think every undergraduate who can afford a iPhone at my university watches movies on it, on the bus, etc.

John Foster Cartwright said...

I would love to bitch slap a Cinema Studies major caught doing this.

Also I am stealing this for maximus.

Also I projected "Christmas on Mars" last night (flaming lips sort of weird exp. christmas film which is alread on DVD). And while there was an alright turn out. The Medium is the medium'ness of this film is such a perfect response to this whole thing. I think I am going to actually watch it tonight.