Monday, December 29, 2008

Soccer Mom Hair

So in a brief return to suburbia for the holidays my thesis, that haircuts once popular with lesbians have migrated over to the sanctified realm of middle-brow / soccer-mom hair salons, has been reinforced. With the dissolution of the riot-grrl movement and the general migration of its participants from radical womyn's vagina parties to your local food coops, whole foods, and midwifery school, so too the "grown-out" chelsea and the punk-rock version of the Mia Farrow doo also moved to a PTA meeting near you.

Check it out, even Britney Spears' move towards this type of hair style given her pregnancy:

Although I this may seem altogether practical given the fact that the on-line urban dictionary defines "soccer-mom hair" as:

Short, easily managed, but completely unfeminine and unflattering haircut worn by overweight, middle-aged women with 2.6 children who spend more than 40 hours per week, obsessively focussed on their precious children's extra-curricular activities. The often overly highlighted cut is typically parted in the center or to one side, with longish bangs, no hair products and is distinguished from more stylish and current short hairdos by it's roots in 70's and 80's fashion, re-hashing the "dorothy hamill" and "geraldine ferraro" styles, and often worn with "mom jeans," (also rooted in 80's style - high wasted with baggy ass and peg leg), baggy sweatshirts and white sneakers.
i want a short bob, but i don't want soccer-mom hair!

Gays tend to define the extremes of taste, be it the caricature of their own gender (or the "opposite" gender), the height of upper class taste, or utter tastelessness. So perhaps to some extent the evolution of gay taste sets boundaries on heterosexual taste as well.

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