Friday, January 2, 2009

Israelis Also Target Biologically Non-Essential Infrastructure

Along with blocking food trucks, water, medicine, and electricity, another Israeli tactic in its war against the democratically elected Hamas is to target the Islamic University of Gaza, according to a recent article from Counterpunch. Ostensibly this university established by Hamas, is targetted not only as a political symbol, but also because Israel claims that senior researchers at the university were Hamas activists building rockets for Hamas, as if a great deal of US and Israeli universities do not have swaths of departments developing the weapons to kill tomorrow's Iraqi insurgents.

The article asks:
"How should academics respond to this assault on an institution
of higher education? Regardless of one's stand on the proposed boycott
of Israeli universities, anyone so concerned about academic freedom as
to put one's name on a petition should be no less outraged when Israel
bombs a Palestinian university. The question, then, is whether the
university presidents and professors who signed the various petitions
denouncing efforts to boycott Israel will speak out against the
destruction of the Islamic University."

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