Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"That Punani Better Make That Money"

Many of you know my immersion in graduate school has left me little time to troll the internet looking for new artists and obscure older ones, leaving me to peruse the occasional R&B/hip hop radio offerings and assorted things handed to me by friends and acquaintances, not to mention my guilty pleasure MTV. And even these diversions I have little time for.

This friday I attended one of the best, and I think my first, hip hop shows with some neighborhood lesbians. The show was a mixed crowd of hip hop fans, African-American and non-African-American lesbians, other assorted gays, and some white indie fans. Yo! Majesty played an amazing set, with some interesting house-styled back-up and gay dancers. Shunda K. did an amazing job with killer, rapid-fire delivery even with the incarceration of the other half of her duo. Their sound reaches inside and outside the confines of hip hop, house, crunk, and punk influences are noted both in the music itself and in album imagery.

This is a live performance of "Booty Clap"

"Kryptonite Pussy"

The success of the show overall was tempered by some of the opening acts which were local, white-folks, weirdo rap outfits, that were at time arduous and self-indulgent.

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