Monday, March 23, 2009

Billy Crudup's Blue Wang

This film is fundamentally terrible:

I think those still beating the dead horse of postmodernism as a meaningful or culturally distinctive discourse tend to like this film with its incessantly ironic hypotheticals (what if Nixon was reelected? what if a catastrophe occurred on the scale of the Cold War?). These hypotheticals are however ironic without critique, there is no central vision organizing the various conflicts at work within this film, besides some generalized disgust with human nature by way of the character Rorschach.

The only thing that does seem to give the film some organizing purpose is its constant display of Dr. Manhattan's (actor Billy Crudup's) CGI enhanced blue penis. This was relatively surprising, but fits into the director who incessantly marvels, in 300, at the vitality and mettle of heterosexual masculinity. What I find a little surprising is that Dr. Manahattan's testicles were not also on display, possibly because their presence would reduce the visual impact of the wang. is offering a Dr. Manhattan inspired blue condom for film enthusiasts.

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