Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dog Diarrhea

So over the last few days Hollywood has been releasing these pretty foul dumps, which at times have an almost rainbow color to them (Orange, yellow, and green) and were pretty watery.

It looked kind of like this

Holy fuck
Uploaded by kafka71

or, maybe more like this,

Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain from Czlowiek Kamera on Vimeo.

While on walks I became one of those bad dog owners because there was absolutely no way to pick up said deposits.

After panicking, remembering that pitbulls historically have very senstive stomachs, and then turning to my singular source of vernacular diagnosis, the internet, I found this website which recommends giving the dog 3 smaller meals a day of boiled rice and chicken, and also human probiotics (good for intestinal health). After two days of chicken and brown rice the poop has solidified, although remains somewhat fluorescent, her mood is clearly better.

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