Monday, November 29, 2010

A Season in Hell

In a recent visit to Chi-town I made a stop at Quimby's my source for underground smut, etc. While I was there I noticed a new translation of Arthur Rimbaud's A Season in Hell by Nick Sarno, someone who claims little expertise in French but promised a dying friend he would read the book, and completed a translation in homage to his friend.

Despite my now much more centered research foci I have always had an intense interest in French Modernist writing, particularly the work of homos like Jean Genet and Cocteau, etc. Although I find myself having very little to say that might be new with regard to these interests which is why they remain largely diletantish diversions than anything of the strong academic interest. Thus, Sarno's cottage industry publication appealed to this amateurish and personal fascination with this era. Passages like:

     Beneath the leaves the wolf howls,
     Bright feathers bursting from his mouth.
     The remains of a freshly-eaten fowl:
     Like him I consume myself (80).

get me going with narcissistic reverie. Alack.

Anyway, back to immigrant literature.

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