Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toward the Production of a Rainbow Underclass

1 in 100 adults in the United States has spent time in a correctional facility, and also more and more people are sentenced to life in prison 2/3 of which are Latino or African-American according to the New York Times.

The incarceration policies in this country not only function as outright class warfare, but more subtly as the physical and psychological control mechanism producing frustrated ex-convicts and chronic criminals without venues to channel unrest. This is fucking disgusting!

CORRECTION: 1 in 99.1 adults is currently in prison. For minority groups the picture is especially bleak. One in every 36 Hispanic adults is currently behind bars, while the number for African American men is one in 15. More stunning is the rate of imprisonment for black men aged 20 to 34, where one out of every nine is now serving time.


Himself said...
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Himself said...

You actually understate the US incarceration rate. More than 1 in 100 US adults are in prison right now (or at least this was the case in 2008). More than twice as many US adults again are either on probation or parole. The number of Americans who've spent time in prison is presumably much higher again.