Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Review Part 1

One of my graduate school friends labelled the 2009-2010 complex as "one of the worst years of our lives." So, because I haven't posted in sometime, and want to find some positives from this year, I will do my best to keep some positives in mind as I proceed, to compile some bests.

Best Tracks of 2010, for me:

Kanye has always been an interesting producer, but here he's becoming a much better songwriter. Also Nicki Minaj's portion of the track makes it to my mind. The psychotic killer vs. the profit motivated gangster cold blooded killer I think is an interesting variation for pop-hip hop

Justin Pearson's musical career shaped my personal aesthetic and sensibility probably more than it should have in the last few years of the 20th and the first few years of the 21st centuries. That said, this turn toward the more danceable and slightly more gay in these two tracks is just what the doctor order (although the quasi-hawk not so much):

I already posted this, but I love British lesbian art music.

Not really one for the ages, but a motivator for right at the end of the semester:

A like songs that occasionally make you feel like your life will or should be over in whatever way. Here is one the years most important with a stunning queer video (sometimes verges on a parody of itself I'll admit. As in, why are those women playing tennis with a liver?):

Kylesa, I will always love Male/female dueling vocals. Spiral Shadow is a fantastic new album:

The lyrics are trite and the video is a little overblown, but I really love this track, and Kelis' lesbic style here:

Best Continuing/ Resurgent Musical Trend:


Brontez Purnell of, being a black gay man of note in the San Francisco punk scene has his own band:

Homo Black Flag cover band with appropriate American Modeling Guild Video: recommended this to me and they were absolutely correct:

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