Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm going to Peru, to climb Machu Pichu in a month!

(actually this video has nothing to do with Peru besides being in Spanish and evoking a tropical climate, but you get the idea).


ricardo vázquez said...

Mi tia Judy me dijo que irías que #chingón, yo quisiera hacer lo mismo proooooooonto. Te gusta el Guincho ahh? checaste tambien ya esta rolita:
chulada de canción

Abrazo manito

hermione danger said...

My brother is there right now!

John Foster Cartwright said...

I thought you weren't allowed to climb in anymore...?

SkidMarquez said...

Peru was completely amazing.

@John, anyone can visit Machu Picchu from a nearby town called Aguas Calientes. The Inca Trail lets in about 500 people a day meaning that you have to plan to visit months in advance.

@Ricardo, me gusta El Guincho muchisimo. Espero que puedes visitar Peru. La pais es bellisima, bien barrato, y la gente esta chida y amable.